Energy Waves

by Barbara Wolf of Global Meditations Network

The scientific community begins to investigate the concept that life is centered around ZPEs (Zero Point Energy) and the outer shell can take any form. This form can be a star, our planet earth, a human, or any other form.

If the human body is a shell or vessel containing energy (Zero Point Energy), then consider this.

Thoughts are waves of energy that leave or enter the human body/vessel containing energy.

When two people agree on a thought, a common saying is that the two people are on the same wave length.

They are on the same energy pattern.

When thousands are on the same energy pattern, this creates a bundle of energy that is like many candles being lit at the same time. The Light becomes HUGE.

Thoughts of peace are thoughts of positive energy. The stronger the peace energy, the more is the potential for this positive energy to become a lasting reality.

Humanity has had a long-standing habit of continually focusing on negativity which takes the form of fear. Excellent communication technology brings daily fear bombardments from the news media and other sources. This fear puts chains around humanity. It holds humanity in check so that any attempt to counter fear is quickly and usually successfully stopped. However, positive energy IS. It EXISTS, and therefore it must be considered.

The human mind tries to understand all incoming energy wave structures. Already-known energy wave structures give the mind little problem, but the complexity of unknown energy/wave structures will puzzle the mind. Yet, the mind has the capacity to hold in the brain/memory these unknown energy/wave structures and to work on understanding them.

When the common fear energy is encountered by the mind, this energy gives the mind no difficulty with understanding it. However, if peace energy is not well known to the mind, then of course there is a problem with the mind. Yet, because the brain/memory stores unknown energy/wave structures and tries to make sense of the unknown energy/wave structures, there is a potential that the mind will begin to understand this energy.

Additionally, there is the concept that when enough of humanity understand peace energy, automatically those who have been dragging their feet will begin to walk the straight line of PEACE.

Do you see the advantages of mass consciousness? When mass consciousness reaches a certain strength, and this mass consciousness is centered around Peace, then the chains of negativity in the form of fear fall away. Humanity stands free.

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