How to Make Peace

by Don Beckett

How can we do it? Seemingly, throughout recorded history at least, humanity has experienced only brief periods of peace; and even then, was it really peace or just a cease-fire while we bandaged our wounds and sharpened our weapons for the next attack?

Almost everyone proclaims the desire for peace, and yet we don't even seem to know where to look for it. Some of us actually believe we can achieve peace by making war, by bombing and terrorizing our enemies into submission (or, if that fails, into extinction). It's always the other guy's fault; the other guy is always Evil, and it's our holy duty to eradicate him. But it seems the more Evil we eradicate, the more pops up to take its place. The worst thing is, the deadliness of our warfare is growing exponentially, and we now destroy the lives of many more noncombatants than combatants.

The overwhelming majority of us desire nothing grander than safe and pleasant housing, wholesome food, clean air and water, appropriate clothing, sensible transportation, and the freedom to do our work everyday and enjoy our lives. It's also people just like us who suffer the greatest devastation -- and in the greatest numbers -- when the bombs begin exploding. We are by far the majority of humanity on Earth; yet we feel small and powerless against the governments and the religious fanatics and their armies, who design and conduct the wars. What can we do to stop the insanity and bring about true peace?

Making war is clearly not the answer. Nor is protesting those who make war. It seems natural to protest, because we feel that our only power is in broadcasting our feelings. What gets overlooked is that our protest itself is an act of war, not of peace. We forget that everything is energy and vibration, and that adding one war energy to another can only increase the overall vibration of war. This is something that most people throughout history have failed to realize -- and I believe it's one of the main reasons that we have never yet achieved real peace in the world. One who did understand this was Thomas Merton, who wrote, "The frenzy of the activist neutralizes his work for peace. It destroys her own inner capacity for peace."

How then can we do it? -- this vast majority of us who feel so powerless. Many of us have focused our prayers and healing energies, from time to time, on areas of war and impending war around the globe. I've done it myself, and have believed it was helping -- though in reality it may only have helped me to feel less powerless, I can't say for sure. Looking at the evidence of Deliberate Creation, my first thought was that we could prevent or stop a war anywhere if enough of us would simply visualize and passionately F-E-E-L true peace breaking out. This may indeed be true; the question, of course, becomes, "How many are enough?" And also, How much power -- how much right -- do we have to create a situation for anyone but ourselves? Again, it seems to me this approach is akin to that of the war-makers: an attempt to project our own desire on someone else's reality. The bomb-droppers impose their will on others by dropping bombs; and is it truly any different for us to impose our visualizations of peace on others? And here's another question: Do we have the ability to give someone else anything (true peace, in this case) that we don't have ourselves?

Finally, I believe the one true solution has come to me: that, as always, the greatest power we have for changing the world is to change ourselves. And I believe the global effect of one single person making a quantum change in his or her own consciousness and way of living is much more enormous than we would ever imagine.

If we desire a peaceful world, we must become peace ourselves. I believe it's absolutely that simple.

Neale Donald Walsch came to this realization and stated it in a profoundly beautiful way (in Communion with God) when he said, "There is no one else in the room. There is only one of us." Each of us is an extension of the Source of the entire Universe; each of us is a hologram of the entire Universe. Every life, every being, is One; therefore, whatever we change in ourselves affects everyone else directly, even though invisibly.

Realizing this, we must all take responsibility for the lack of peace in the world. Every vibration of anger, frustration, hostility, contempt, righteousness, and so on, adds to the total; and every incident of murder and mayhem and war is merely the communal pot boiling over.

If we desire peace, we must become peace. Mikao Usui's Reiki Precepts are so deceptively powerful, simply because they involve the conscious, deliberate transformation of our habitual energy pattern. This is accomplished by nothing more complicated than repeating to ourselves, morning and evening, 5 simple prescriptions for living -- until eventually they become truly embodied in our way of daily life. This is not rocket science; these are not Zen koan; they're on the level of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. The very first one is: Just for not anger; and the last one is, Be kind to people. If we desire peace, we must become peace.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., has published a trilogy of books (
Power VS Force [1995], The Eye of The I - from which Nothing is Hidden [2001], and I: Reality and Subjectivity [2003]) on attaining spiritual enlightenment, including the use of muscle testing to access universal truth. Hawkins appears to be a completely enlightened, Self-realized being. His own spiritual transcendence is a miraculous story, and he says the single most transformative factor was learning to extend unconditional compassion to every being in his life, without exception. (He emphasizes the words "without exception" -- and I take that to include mosquitoes and viruses and everything else in the world.) In other words, becoming peace -- in his simple, everyday interactions with all beings.

The most encouraging news about taking this path of inner peace comes from Hawkins' calibrations with muscle testing, which confirm the undreamed-of power unleashed, for transforming the world, by a single person making even a modest increase in his or her level of consciousness -- especially in reaching the level of true peacefulness.

© 2003 Don Beckett

Reprinted with permission