Good Earthkeeping
Only Love Prevails

by Tasha Halpert

Recently I visited the Open Heart website, dedicated to the spread of peace. It is an attractive site, and its message is very simple. The authors suggest that by avoiding violence in the media and by responding to violence when we do encounter it with the affirmation, "only peace prevails," we can begin to feel more peaceful within ourselves.

As I feel more peaceful, I generate more peace in the world around me. By responding to thoughts of fear and trepidation with "Only love prevails" I quiet my mind further and help myself become calmer in a variety of situations. As I do this I help others to become calmer and more peaceful themselves. They can also share this technique with their friends and families.

For some years I have calmed myself during a variety of difficult experiences by using the word "peace." At first I used "peace" to quiet thoughts of anger and resentment. Then I began using it when I felt anxious or nervous over an issue or an upcoming experience. Now it is almost an automatic response when I feel upset of any kind. Using the word peace enables me to discover my equilibrium. From this point I can move to address whatever needs addressing or even leave it alone.

Now I can add, "Only Love Prevails," allowing myself to release any fears for the future, any judgemental thoughts concerning what may or may not happen, and also any desire to do or not do anything about the situation. If only love prevails then whatever I am to do or not do will occur naturally and I do not have to try to come up with anything. I can trust that all is well and in so trusting, allow for the best possible outcome.

Perhaps readers are familiar with the concept of Letting go and letting God. This is a way of trusting, of allowing whatever is correct and for the highest good to manifest. Affirming that only love prevails is my way of letting go and letting God. It is also my way of taking responsibility for my part in any situation I encounter. Taking responsibility for how I respond to every day life helps me live up to my highest potential as a human being as well as set a good example for others. This may often be the most, if not the only help I can offer, most especially when what is happening is beyond my reach. Regardless of what is occurring, or of how I feel about it, if I feel a stressful response arising within me, I can say in my heart, "Only love prevails," and thus make my peace with it.

©Tasha Halpert 1999

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