by Ernie "LastManOut" Romanco

Focus, focus, focus, we’ve all been told many times in life
To direct our full attention onto a particular subject or matter
And so we do, for a test, or perhaps for a goal we then seek
We ignore all the other things, sort of, and focus on only one
Trusting this increased effort will bring the result we are after
The question then is what are you now focusing on in your life
Or does it even have a primary focus that benefits who you are
Most have no real focus and so randomly focus on many things
For as long as they can hold their attention or provide a stimulus
And here in that focus is where their thought energy is placed
Think about that for just a minute,
where you focus your thoughts
Now, this is not about your effort
of purposely focusing thoughts
But about how / where you  ‘let”
your thoughts be focused for you
And when you do so, where all that energy
you generated winds up
If you do not choose where your energy goes,
it is of no benefit to you
Ever stop to wonder why most of you
watch the news every night
Is there ever anything good on the news,
or mostly only negativity
Is there anything there you think you can change,
or even try to
Crime, death, accidents, storm damage,
and politicians lying to us
You all feel the fear for yourself,
and concern for those around you
And in doing so, passively, every time,
give up your energy to them
You worry about your job, taxes, the war,
and your energy goes there
You have given all these things you are
conditioned to see, all of it
And so, they continue to exist
with even more energy
and so hold you
Knowing, you cannot create positive energy
when you are so in fear
You read the papers, while you know the news is so
biased and false
Or do you search in them for only what you wish
to be true for you
Yet each word and article you read
affects how you choose to live
Tell me, after listening to the TV or radio news
or reading the paper
How many times do you feel better
about the world
or even yourself
I can see you thinking,
“I never thought about it but that seems right”
And then saying
“But what am I to so about it, I am only one person”
My friend, thoughts of only one person
have so often
changed the world
Thoughts have immense power,
and those who steal them know this
They don’t want you to know,
you, yes you,
can change the entire planet

Ask yourself a question about the recent
terrible storms across our nation
We are “warned” by the media
of what is going to happen
and does happen
And so we are conditioned to just accept
we cannot control the weather
Yet weather control has been a proven fact
by even UN documents for years
But instead of helping us with it,
they take the energy of our pain and fear
To help maintain the world they wish us to see,
the one we are keeping alive
Now, think about this.
What if, instead of hearing on the news about the storm
And how to “batten down the hatches”  we heard
a different type of announcement
“There is a storm coming, a big one,
and if not stopped  will bring great destruction
Over the entire southwest, southeast and up the
entire east coast of the country.
Since there all millions of you involved,
we want you to send thoughts to stop it.”
Slowly now, let that sink in. MILLIONS of you
all sending positive energy out
In thoughts and prayers all directed at the same thing.
And sending out the thoughts
Not in fear, but in the absolute knowing of the power
within you to do this thing.
Do you think, that storm, or anything else with
so much positive energy directed at it could possibly
survive to be any kind of danger for long.
Of course not.
Oops, I forgot, you don’t know
you have that power within you,
you’ve forgotten
You’ve wasted your focus too long on
what is wrong in the world each day
Letting your energy feed it
instead of starving it to death,
or killing it with love
How many actually focus
on all good things all around them,
seeking to see them
How many say “This wrongness shall not be“
and then send their love to change it
Do you see, you can change all things with thoughts
if you become aware you can
Yet if you see only the fear, the wrong things, the pain
and accept that of the world
You will change nothing and give your power away
to those who use it against you
Be the change you wish to see,
be the love you wish to see,
be the joy you wish to see
In changing us, we change all things,
it is a choice each must make every moment
Focus…Focus…Focus…and be the Love,
the Joy, the Peace, the Compassion you are
It is time……………………………..
Ernie “ Lastmanout“ Romanco  (

Reprinted with permission

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