A Positive Outlook on Life

by Jan Gosen
(A World Peace Experiment Participant
from the Netherlands)

As far as we are concerned we try and maintain a certain distance to all the occurrences of the world. This has got nothing to do with not wanting to see what is happening and thus taking an escape route, but we all know that the media have a (strong) tendency (and with what possible hidden agenda behind it?) to present 'the world' as a horrible place where 'evil' always wins over the good. (or where it is at least considered good for the viewing ratings)

Like you, I am ALWAYS optimistic, always positive, I tell everyone that I LOVE the world we live in, that it is a beautiful creation and that 'reality' is really something different for every single one of us. Many friends and members of our family have a hard time accepting this.

As far as religion is concerned many people go to Church like they go to Kindergarten - there seems to be no questioning what is behind the words they hear. For others who denounce the whole idea of a God I always feel like they are the ones who are going through adolescence. Some say they refuse to believe because 'God wouldn't let people suffer that much'. I just tell them : people make each other suffer, and in the end all will be well.

Of course I see what is going on in the Middle East and what has been going on there for years (I have noted over the years that especially at Christmas and at Easter there have been many outbursts of negative energy). I know that in some way really everyone on this world is CONNECTED so the anguish the people in Rwanda, Bosnia, wherever are feeling is also MY anguish. But luckily for me it is easier to dose that into my everyday life.
In our minds I feel we can consciously transmute the occurrences of the world, if we can reach a state of non-attachment, a state in which we do not carry preferences for possible outcomes of conflicts but rather leave all that to spirit. I have always felt I had to defend such nihilist approaches, but to me this seems to work best. In order to remain aware in unattachment we only watch the news on the Internet sporadically. We take it in when we do and accept what takes place. And then the LIGHT does its work. I don't feel I have to burn a box of candles to better the world or say a 1000 mantras.

It basically comes down to my feeling that in order to be a difference in the world you simply have to BE a source of LIGHT. When I would have to digest every piece of 'noteworthy evidence' on all of the occurrences taking place in the world right now presented through whatever kind of media I would have a hard time 'staying in my center' and I feel that knowing all of the details behind this and that occurrence wouldn't be of much help to the situation in itself. From people who follow TV and newspaper I know that after 9/11 the image of the crashing planes was brought on TV nearly EVERY 5 MINUTES.

Now what good does that do?

We experienced a (cargo) plane crash a hundred or so meters from our home. The chaos and turmoil we experienced then was enough to never ever want to watch a movie on TV AGAIN in which people were paid serious money to PLAY A ROLE IN WHICH THEY WERE DOING HARM TO SOMEONE. To us that is just plain ridiculous. OK, and there are many other things that are plain ridiculous. I could make a list but I think you have your 'dislikes' as well, but it doesn't do me any good to keep hammering on those forms of lesser delicacy.

To stay attuned to the higher Levels (which are different for every one of us) and not get carried away by annoyances which are only counterproductive in the long as well as in the short run looks to me like 'the best way to go'. And, like 'The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East' says:
Joy is the Highest state.

So whatever takes place - I prefer to have a smiling face.

—Jan Gosen - gosenandwolff@home.nl


Reprinted with Permission

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