The Core of Peace

by Jane M. Hamilton
St. Paul, Minnesota

Peace comes forth from each of us,
each shining guiding star.
'Tis not our name nor where we've been,
but the core of who we are.
From many lands united overseas
and time and space
We gather in this moment now -
of oneness in this place.
The vision large and grand indeed -
few guidebooks on the shelves.
For journey into the interior -
of looking at ourselves.
Such paradox in "bringing" peace
to our fellow human beings -
For those we seek to help teach US
so many little things.
It's the little things - in present time -
each its own creation
And one by one each breath of life
takes form in every nation.
It's the little things - the perfect place for peace -
to BE - to start.
For what is the core of world wide peace -

© 1999 Jane M. Hamilton

Read by the author, a former Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, at the dedication of the Peace Garden
held during the 1999 National Peace Corps Association Conference at University of St. Thomas campus
in St. Paul, MN.

[Reprinted with permission]


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