Invitation to Create a "Heart Field" Enviornment

by Doc Childre

Dear Friends,

The tragic events of this week's terrorist attacks are impacting the entire world. It's time to join together as a family and bond together to create a heart field environment of strength for those who have lost their loved ones in this tragedy and for the planet. As stress waves are generated, people's emotions pick up the incoherent energy and the emotional after-effects keep reverberating. To help ease the collective anxiety, we all need to go deeper in the heart and connect with the hearts of others. Creating a heart-field environment helps to balance the emotions and protect you and others from fear, anger, judgments and blame.

We, at HeartMath, invite you to join us, from wherever you are, in Heart Lock-Ins through this time period, sending love and compassion to those affected.

With Care,
Doc Childre

Doc Childre
Institute of HeartMath
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Reprinted with permission


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