by Dorothy Rumble

I live within a dim-lit room
that bounds my whole reality.
And there between the pain and joy,
the ups and downs, the ins and outs,
that whirl me round, throw me down
and ever change, a tiny centre stirs.

Stirs within this dream of life,
what am I? When and how?
who can tell me? Who knows Truth?
What lies behind the NOW?

Waking from this shadow-world
illusions in a dim-lit room,
I creep towards the secret door
and push, - a tiny crack, not more.

The room disperses into Light.
Beyond the door a Vast Abyss.
I cannot grasp my robes so bright,
the empty robes I thought were me.

Where am ..I..? Terror runs and hides
its head among the shadow men,
the moving scene within the room.
PRETEND ! PRETEND ! And shut it out !

Pretend and play the Game of Life.
while yawns the SPACE which waits outside,
REALITY unbounded, Free
That swallows everything. And ...ME.

Time move on, I will not face
that me-annihilating SPACE
where lives the Light which plays,
while we, believe Its shapes - Reality

Yet through the many-layered me
beyond the Silence, to Life's core,
the tiny, naked ' I ' which 'saw'
explodes to hold.. INFINITY....

©Dorothy Rumble
GU51 3BA

Reprinted with permission


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