by Marlaina Kreinin ©1988

Who gave the media
The right to make policy?
To set world agenda
Through the focus
Of a lens,
Fine tuning
For dramatic effect,
What doesn't fit
Desired costumery.

Homage accompanies
This selective path
Of space and sound:
When the ear is pulled wide
Discrimination falters...
"If They say so
It Must be so.

With few tools
To decipher staging,
Becomes a caprice
Hard to come by
In an age of
Packaged competing persuasions.

We often call truth
What grabs us
And spins us around.
Frazzled statesmen
Are not immune:
Bombarded by unsolvables,
Kneaded by constituents...

Media Selects
Policy Ensues.

[reprinted with permission]



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