Revenge is Not the Answer

by Joanie Misrack

Revenge is nowhere near the answer!
War does not make sense.
We must look inside ourselves to see...
Who is the real enemy.

Americans do have a sense of privilege,
that the world does not agree with.
Arrogance and denial are no longer appropo
As the mirror has shown on our face.

We have become a land of consumers.
Taking far more than our rightful share
of the Planet's resources and treasures,
And we need to come clean and take care.
Of this world, not from guilt or from "more-than"
But from open hearts and a true urge to love
Those of all types who may be less fortunate,
Whose karma just took different twists.

I beseech you O male leadership,
Take more of a feminine view.
Hold our planet as whole, look towards what's best for all.
And create safety for children everywhere.

Listen to the words of The Prophet Muhammed....
"What actions are most excellent?
To gladden the heart of a human being.
To feed the hungry.
To help the afflicted.
To lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful.
To remove the wrongs of the injured.
That person is the most beloved of God
who does most good to God's creatures."

May Peace Prevail on Earth, and in your Hearts!
With love and prayers for some sanity at the helm!

Joanie Misrack

For more information, Pathways to Peace website

Reprinted with permission


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