(In the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, I felt it important to share the following prayer that Victor and I say every morning to end our daily meditation. More than ever, our leaders need to be surrounded with the light of love in order to assist them to come from their Higher Selves. The way we can all help is to stay centered in the midst of this perceived chaos and to send light where it is needed. Please feel free to use this prayer and to share it with others.)

Prayer for World Leaders

by Carol Hansen Grey

Mother-Father God,

We ask that all our elected representatives, appointed officials and business and world leaders be surrounded with and protected by Your Light. We ask that their every thought, word and action come from their Higher Selves and serve the highest good for our country and the world. Acknowledging our oneness with each other and with all creation, we ask this in Your Name.

And so it is.

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