A Prayer from the Heart

by Margot Wolff
(A World Peace Experiment Participant
from the Netherlands)

I very much would like to share with you the prayers that came right from my heart on the evening of September 11.

May all of us stay in the Light.
May the sadness that we feel in our hearts be transformed into the White Wings of an Angel.
May we pour our abundant Love over those spots on our beloved Earth that are so in need of Healing.
May we sow the seeds of Peace and Love and watch them grow
with endless Joy.
May we All shine our Lights for those of us that walk in darkness.
May there be Peace in the Hearts of All.
May there be Light in the Hearts of All.
May there be Love in the Hearts of All.
May there be Joy in the Hearts of All.

Like a Guru once said to a mother that lost her son: "I cannot take away your tears. I can only make them Holy..."
All our Love and Light to All.
Where there is Light, there can't be darkness.
Where there is Love there can't be hatred.
Where there is Faith, there can't be fear.
Love and Light are Allways stronger.
Peace will Prevail. So be it.


Reprinted with Permission

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